Sienna FAQs

What is the date of Sienna 10?

The Sienna 10 will take place on Sunday September 29, 2019, 7:00am.

Where does Sienna 10 take place?

The race takes place in the community of Sienna Plantation. Ridge Point High School, 500 Waters Lake Blvd, Missouri City, TX 77459

What time does Sienna 10 start?

START TIMES (estimated):
5 mile and 10 mile race − 7:00am
5K race – 7:10am
Kid’s 1 mile − 10:15am

Where are the Start and Finish located?

Ridge Point High School
500 Waters Lake Blvd
Missouri City, Texas 77459

Where can I find the course map?

Coming soon.

Can I run with a baby jogger, skateboard, bike or dog?

No and Yes, in consideration for the safety of all participants; baby joggers, skateboards, bikes and animals are prohibited on the 5 mile and 10 mile course. A baby jogger will be allowed on the Kid’s 1 mile race.

Can I run with headphones?

Headphones are not prohibited but are strongly discouraged. Participants who wear headphones must remain aware of safety vehicles, race officials, traffic and other runners. Any participant who fails to follow directions from race officials is subject to being removed from the racecourse, for their own safety and the safety of other participants.

What is the time limit for Sienna 10?

All streets must be reopened to traffic by 10:30 AM, and all participants from the 10 mile and 5 mile must be able to cross the Finish Line by 10:15 AM to be recorded as an official finisher (with time and place).

No refunds will be given for registered participants who are directed off the course due to pace – no exceptions.

SAG Wagons and equipment trucks will follow the the last participant to move slower runners to the side of road, and reopen the streets. These participants will not be able to finish the race or receive their medal, but may participate in the post race party.

Do I need a qualifying time to participate?

No, there is no qualifying time to participate in Sienna 10.

Can I walk?

Yes, if you are able to finish by 10:15 AM.

What time will the roads close?

Road and lane closures will take place around 7:00 AM.

How many water stations will you have?

There will be Water Stations along the course at miles 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6.5, 8, 9.5 and one (1) at the Finish Line.

What do I do if I injure myself on the course?

There will be ambulance and bike EMS teams providing medical support along the course. Runners will have access to medical support at each Water Station.

Will there be food at the finish line?

Yes, there will be food at the finish line provided by the event producer and several other vendors.

Is the course closed to traffic?

Yes, one lane will be closed for runners. Lanes will be coned off throughout the race for runners’ safety.

Is the course USA Track and Field Certified?

Yes, Sienna 10 will be a USA Track and Field certified course.


How do I register for Sienna 10?

What is the age limit for Sienna 10?

Participants must be at least 13 years old by race day to participate in the 10 mile race and 9 years old by race day to participate in the 5 mile race. Athletes younger than the set age limit may contact the Race Director for the opportunity to participate.

How do I make changes to my registration once it has been submitted?

If you would like to make changes to your registration you must do so by contacting Texas 10 Series at

Can I switch from the 10 mile race to the 5 mile race or vice versa?

Yes, participants may switch from one race to the other 15 days prior to the event (based on availability). Participants may do this by contacting At this point there will not be a transfer fee.

Is there a limit on the number of participants in the race?

Yes, Texas10 Plano has a limit of 600 participants for the 10 mile distance. The 5 mile distance and kid’s 1 mile may have caps placed as registration increases. Currently organizers reserve the right to reduce these numbers.

When will registration close?

Online registration will remain open up until the start of the race. Registration will close if registration reaches 600 participants in the 10 mile distance before the online deadlines. If capacity is not reached, we will accept registrations at packet pickup and race morning.

How many participants are in the 10 mile & 5 mile races?

Approximately 85% of participants are 10 mile participants.

Do you give out my email address?

No, we do not sell email addresses. We do promote and produce other events. You may be notified about event details from the following produced events: The Woodlands Marathon Management and Texas 10 Race Management.

What is Texas 10 Race Management refund policy?

Entry is non-refundable.  See below.

Refund/Transfer/Deferment Policy


  • Transfer – Race Entry To Another Race
    • An individual may transfer their race entry to another Texas 10 race or distance once for 30% of the current fee plus processing fees. (For example:  Runner originally registered at $50 for College Station 10.  Runner wants to transfer the entry to Boerne 10.  The current price for Boerne 10 is $65.  The fee for making the transfer is 30% of $65, which is $21.67 plus processing fees.)
  • Transfer – Race Entry To Another Individual
    • An individual that registers during BONANZA PRICING may transfer their race entry to another individual for 70% of the current fee plus processing fees. Refund will be processed once other participant registers minus $5 admin fee. Only eligible to those that registers during BONANZA PRICING. (For example:  Runner originally registered during Bonanza Pricing Kickoff for $15 College Station 10.  Runner wants to transfer the entry to a friend. College Station 10 is currently $65. The fee for making the transfer is 70% of $65, which is $45.50 plus processing fees.)


  • Entry Fees are non-refundable.
  • Hardship Refunds – Requests for hardship refunds may be submitted for limited reasons such as pregnancy, death and/or military deployment.  Verified documentation is required and participants will receive 50% of their registration fee.

I registered for Sienna 10 without a complimentary entry code, but now I have a code. Can you refund me?

Yes, we will only refund participants that win a free entry and or have a sponsored complimentary entry that currently registered for the event.

Can I register on the day of the event?

Yes, if the event has not reached capacity.

Results, Photos & Awards

Where can I find race results after the race?

Results of Texas10 Plano can be found at the Results Tent on race day. Results will also be posted online at after the race.

Where can I find race photos after the race?

Photos of Texas10 Plano can be found on the website under the event photos tab.  Capstone Photography is our official photographer and photos should be available within 48 hours after the event.

Do all participants receive a medal?

Yes, all participants will receive finisher medals.

Will there be age group awards?

Age group awards will be awarded 3 deep in the 10 mile and 5 mile distance. Please click HERE to see the award categories and prizes.

Is there prize money?

Yes, there is a series prize purse. We also host the CRAZY CASH GIVE AWAY during the post race finish festival for each Texas 10 venue.

If I cannot attend the Awards Ceremony, how can I get my award?

You have one chance to get your award, at the Awards Ceremony.  If you cannot be present, another runner may pick it up for you.  The Awards Ceremony is scheduled well in advance and for this purpose only.  AWARDS WILL NOT BE MAILED AFTER THE EVENT!

If I have feedback concerning the race, whom should I contact?

If you have any feedback about the race please email Texas 10 Race Management at